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October 16, 2010
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Alec busted down the door to Jace's room, without noticing Clary. His face looked red and sweaty. Almost as if he was running a track. He was breathing heavy also, his chest rapidly heaving up and down. Jace instantly covered his and Clary's bodies up with the sheets on the mangled bed.

"WHAT THE HELL, ALEC?!" Jace screamed at him as if he was about to murder him right there in front of God and everybody.

"I-It's Isabelle. She went to see Simon, a-and he just called saying he was out…and he smelled…he smelled…," Alec could finish the sentence, but the hurt and pain was written all over his face. He fell to his knees and started heavily sobbing. Jace and Clary was staring at him in bewilderment, and then it hit them both like a ton of bricks. They both shot up out of bed and scrambled around the room to put on their clothes without Alec noticing their naked selves.

"W-we… Have to go to...h-her," Alec said between sobs. He sounded so hopelessly useless. It was sad, Clary was about to burst into tears from seeing him this way. Jace just felt like he was about to go into something he did not want to be involved in. But if it was for his sister, then he'd do it. Then again, he felt sadness creeping up into his chest.  

Once Clary had her clothes on and her shoes, she dropped down next to Alec.
"It'll be alright, Alec. We'll go to her, we'll save her." She put her arms around his shoulders and squeezed him. He wasn't use to it, but he collapsed into her and started violently sobbing and heaving out breathes. Clary soothed his hair back and chanted comforting things to him while he clutched her for dear life.

"We're wasting time. Let's get moving." Jace said sternly, once he had on his shoes. He hadn't noticed Clary and Alec, but when he looked down to his brother and lover, his heart dropped. Clary looked up to him and gave him a look that said, "This is your brother! Comfort him, or I'll kill you." At that, Jace dropped down to his knees in front of Alec; he only glanced at the blonde.

"Alec, buddy," Jace said softly, putting almost every ounce of kindness he had into that one greeting.

"We need to get moving so we can save Izzy." He whispered the last statement, slowly putting his hand on Alec's shoulder. Clary could almost melt at the sound of Jace's voice, but this wasn't about her, or Jace. It was about helping Alec and saving Isabelle.

When Alec was done crying, he stood up with Clary and Jace. He nodded saying that he was ready for anything that was ahead. Clary smiled and Jace arrogantly chuckled.

Clary grabbed her Stele, and Jace snatched up the witchlight that was lying on his bed stand.  Of course he was already wearing his Stele in his belt, that's just how determined he was. He was ready for anything, just like his brother.

They broke out into a run down the hallway of the Institute, racing past doorways and Church, their cat. They all stopped at the elevator and Jace repeatedly pushed the button on the wall for it to come up. Once the elevator came to a screeching halt, the door opened and the three Shadowhunters piled into it.

"Where the hell are we going?!" Alec said franticly, darting his head around wildly.

"Alec! Calm down!" Jace yelled at his step-brother, unsuccessfully cheering him up. Clary flinched at the sound of Jace's booming voice. They were in the busy streets of New York, trying to dodge the cars and taxis of their speeding vehicles and their honking horns. Jace, on the other hand, got nicked in the leg by a frantic Indonesian taxi cab driver. He rolled down his window and started ranting at Jace in his foreign tongue.

"THAT HURT, YOU SON OF A MOTHER F-" Jace started, as he clutched his knee.
"Jace! Come on!" Clary cut off his beautiful comment, grabbing onto his sleeve and pulling him along with her and Alec. Of course, it started to rain. So the Shadowhunters started to hurry themselves, as if they weren't in a hurry already.

"Simon said that he found her in the Alley in the back of Pandemonium." Alec said between breathes from running so fast. Clary glanced sideways at him. He looked so determined with his black hair slicked back from the wind tangling through his locks as if they were running from the devil himself.

"My Sensor is picking up strong demon ratings," Jace said, panting as he was looking at the black oblong object in his hand. It was making a high pitched noise. That was abnormal. "So she must've been mauled by demons, or some creepy-ass vampire must've gotten ahold of her." Clary cut him a look that made him regret saying anything. They both looked at Alec, just in time to see him twitch at Jace's comment.

They were now in front of the Pandemonium Club and the music was loud and thumping. Clary could feel the base of the music in her chest and it pounded. It sounded like some techno band playing, mixed in with some screamo. As if sensing her oblivion, something grabbed ahold of Clary's forearm. She whipped around, a blood-boiling scream building up in her throat. As soon as she caught sight of who had grabbed her, she sighed in relief. Simon stood silently, in the alley between the club and another building. Motionless in front of them, his hair was damp against his forehead. He looked white, not pale like he should've been, but white. He blinked a couple of times, and Clary could've sworn he was blinking away tears.

"Jesus Christ, vampire. You gave us a heart attack. I guess you made my Sensor do that a moment ago." Jace said breathlessly, as if he was trying to calm down.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you guys. I can't make much sound, you know."  Simon chuckled weakly, Clary could sense the sadness in him. She knows him that well. Jace and Alec exchanged glances at one another. Simon was already turning away, not signaling the three Shadowhunters to follow. But they were on his heels in a heartbeat.

"Where's my sister?" Alec asked Simon franticly. Simon turned his head a fraction of an inch towards the black-headed boy.

"She's just around the corner," His voice was flat, but Simon kept his quick pace going. "She's not in the best shape, Alec." Depression filled his tone. Black bags filled with trash was so heavy in the air that it almost too their breaths. But the smell of blood still hung in the late night, and it scared the hell out of them.

Alec felt like he had just been ripped apart. His baby sister had been hurt and he wasn't there to protect her.

Once they rounded the corner, the breath went right out of Alec's lungs. Everyone froze, holding their breath.

Isabelle, lay flat on her back, was covered in blood and soaking wet. Her black hair was matted with redness and was plastered to her neck. There were vicious scratches, deep scratches, on her thighs, stomach and arms. And what shattered his hope that she'd still be alive, is that her throat was ripped out. Blood was seeping through the wounds and making a small to medium sized puddle next to her, at their feet. She was barely breathing, her throat moving as if trying to talk or suck in air. Blood must be filling her lungs. Her eyes were open and staring straight up towards the sky, they were lifeless. The rain looking as if the stars were falling down on her.

"Oh my god." Jace breathed, hurrying over to his sister's side in an instant. His hands hovered of her body, not knowing what to do. His head jerked towards Simon. "Is she dying?"

Simon merely shrugged, trying to control himself of the blood. But the answer was clear in his eyes, Jace saw it. She was going to die and they wouldn't know what caused her death. Jace didn't notice until now that Alec and Clary were crouched down around the corner where they came from.  He could see tears stream down Alec's cheeks, at that, Clary put her arms around him. She kissed the top of his head and, in response, he laid his head on her chest and heaved into her neck.

"There's got to be something we can do to save her." Jace muttered to himself as he tried the healing runes on Isabelle. Nothing worked.

Isabelle's breathing ceased. That made Jace place two fingers on her neck where blood should be pumping from her heart. Her pulse wasn't going.

She had just died.

"Damn it!" He yelled and started doing CPR on her. Clary watched him from the a few feet away; her head was craned to one side as if looking behind her at them. Clary felt sorry for Jace, he was the only one helping Isabelle. But Alec was clinging to her like a helpless child, she couldn't leave him. Simon was trying even harder to control himself from her spilled blood.  Alec, he only heaved harder into her neck as he saw Jace do CPR. He knew he should help him, but his sadness and grief kept him bound down. He couldn't move.

"I can help her," said a voice behind all of them. The voice sounded angelic itself. They all turned around to see a teenage girl, about eighteen. She was so beautiful. She was close enough to tell that she had blue eyes, tinted with green. Golden blond hair that shined in the street lights of New York. It fell just below her shoulders in slick waves. She looked like she stood to the five foot, eight inch mark. It looked like she'd been drinking too much Kool-Aid. Her lips were stained with a deep pink color. Her eye lashes were long enough to cast shadows over her high cheek bones. Her straight jawline was covered in a rune that was foreign to the others before her. But she was clearly a Shadowhunter. For one she could see them. Two, she had other runs inked on her pale, flawless skin. And she looked like she owned the world, hands on her hips and all.

"Who…Who are you?" Jace looked as if he was a dying man in a desert, searching for water or food. That made Clary want to slap the taste out of this chick's mouth.

"Tristan. Tristan Lockfeather," she said. "And if you want to have Isabelle back. You should get the hell out of my way and let me do my job." The venom in her voice could take down a cobra. The hands that were one her hips were now crossed over her chest.

"How do you know my sister's name?" Jace spat back, with more venom than Tristan used. There was a new edge in his voice that no one had ever witnessed. He looked like he was ready to take down a pack of wolves and be damn well proud of it. Clary saw the fire in his eyes. Blazing and raging. Jace stood up and stood his ground while he glared at Tristan. Clary took his hand in hers, lacing her fingers through his. He returned the pressure.

"I know a lot of things, Shadowhunter. Now if you want Isabelle back…. Move." Tristan's voice turned hostile. Jace contemplated this. He didn't want to lend over Isabelle to a stranger…but he wanted her back. And he was sure that everybody else did too. Especially poor Alec.

Taking a deep breath, Jace stepped aside and let Tristan through.

    I finally got it done after....325263582357012389569lsjdkhgskljhge months. :iconimhappyplz:

    (I'm so sorry, ~deegee12324....I love you..?)

    TMI Cassandra Clare
    Tristan Lockfeather :iconwhitney12339:&&:icondeegee12324:

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